[ACHAMP] Preparing for the H1N1 vaccine in schools ~ Exemptions Should be filed, For Your Child...

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[ACHAMP] Preparing for the H1N1 vaccine in schools  ~ Exemptions Should be  filed, For Your Child... Empty [ACHAMP] Preparing for the H1N1 vaccine in schools ~ Exemptions Should be filed, For Your Child...

Post  zyra69 on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:28 am

To Vaccination, Exemption;
And Protection ~ One Question;

" If Vaccinations work so well in Protection,
Then why are you so Afraid of My Unvaccinated Child...?

In Missouri they allow for Both a Religious and Medical Exemption
Now On File For Jordan, Along with a Court Affidavid as Well...
The Deadline for this , ( I Believe ) Is Oct 15th in Missouri
Check your State Policies for Deadlines and Exemption Protection,

Also The Last Remark says that The Vaccines are to Be free of cost,
But Through Our Vaccine injury Experience,
The Price is Still to high, for Even one Child ( Injured or Lost )
Scott & Jordan @ Zyra

[ACHAMP] Preparing for the H1N1 vaccine in schools
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 7:39 PM


http://news. google.com/ news/search? pz=1&ned=us&hl=en&q=h1n1 vaccine school&cf=all&scoring=
AZ 20000 Mesa students sign up for flu shots East Valley Tribune

Parents of about 20,000 students in the Mesa Unified School District have returned consent forms allowing their children to participate in school-based flu vaccine clinics.
NV H1N1 vaccines expected in Utah mid-October Salt Lake Tribune

Pam Davenport, a spokeswoman for the Salt Lake Valley Health Department, said the shots likely will be distributed to private providers, clinics, and crews of nurses that will go into schools and vaccinate students classroom by classroom. But that plan is only tentative.

And reactions, so far, have been mostly mild.

MN New Plan for Schools and H1N1 KAALtv.com -

UMR nursing students will also be helping to administer the vaccine to students and faculty free of charge on October first
AL Schools to be first to get H1N1 vaccine WALA-TV FOX10
Director of Epidemiology, Melissa Tucker said Tuesday most of the first doses of the swine flu vaccine is reserved for the schools.

"The schools will come pick it up and take it to their own school, and have their own nurses give it," Tucker said.

But there aren't enough nurses in the school system to handle thousands of vaccines. Student services supervisor Dr. Wanda Hannon said they're looking for volunteers.

"If there are nurses in the area, medical professionals that would like to volunteer to help us, we would love to do that," Hannon said.

School officials say the first doses will go to students with special needs, and the youngest kids in the school system.

"Evans School, for example, where we have all disabled students, and they have multiple needs. Then we are going to do those children, and those schools that have those units first. And then our second priority is to our pre-school children," Hannon said.

The shots will be administered on the school campus during school hours, but only the students who have parental consent will get the shots.

School officials estimate 60 to 70 percent of the parents will allow their children to be vaccinated. The school system expects to receive the first doses by late October.

School officials said there will be no charge for the swine flu vaccine.

NY Educators learn about H1N1 virus WIVB

That's why Billittier is talking to these western New York school superintendents, to talk about implementing plans in schools for the Swine Flu vaccine.

MD Carroll Co. To Offer Students H1N1 Flu Mist Vaccine WBAL TV -

Carroll County may be among the first school systems in the state to offer a flu mist version of the H1N1 vaccine, but school officials said in the meantime, they'll continue to do what's necessary to keep students healthy.
MS School nurses prepare to give Swine Flu shots to students WLOX -

Fisackerly said she has met with state Health Department officials to discuss the role schools will play in giving out the flu shots. While the details are still being worked out, she is focused on preventing the spread of the virus, so her students can return to the classroom.

State Health Department officials say their doctors and nurses will go into schools to help give the shots. They're also considering other options, like hiring additional staff to help with the vaccinations or asking doctors' offices to adopt a school.

There will be no cost to students for the shots.

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