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Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan Empty Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan

Post  zyra69 on Sat Sep 12, 2009 12:41 pm

Hello To The General, Dr Laibow, And to All Your Friends and Organization
This Is Scott & Jordan, Long Time supporters and Avid Fans,
( You Rock ~ Don`t Ever Stop )
Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan 4_lati10
We Are One World / One Voice ~ Mercury Awareness International
"And Now ZYRA ~ Zion..s Youth Resource Associates"
Thanx 4 This Forum, I..m Humbled & Honored To Be Among The Best Minds and Hearts Here,
Also At At Tagged ~My Space & FACEBOOK, Twitter, And Therefore the World..
Well, Few Other Place, We will get to Down the Road
We Have So Much Going on... But with The Light shed to The dark,
We`ve Been Posting for You and Against The swine Flu, codex, And The Mess.
Hope WE Will make a Great Team if I Fit Here...!!!
Through, homeopath, Colliodal Silver Of Course ~ Prayers And TLC..!!!
I Could Go on For Hours of what I`ve Learned and Know,
Most Of which Would Give A Sane Person nightmares and Insomnia,
Not An Easy Burden to Carry, I give it to The Lord...
So we Are Very Spiritual and Scriptual in Our Faith..
Jordan got Babtized & We Go to Church in saving Grace
Can`t wait For Heaven`s Gate, ( soon my Friends )
But I`m Mad AS *Y*ELL, With Everything Coming at Us,
Everything codex Is Trying to Take From us,
to the Coming Genocide, Which after WWII,
Was Said would Never Happen Again,
It`s all in line, But It`s The Lord`s time
Look up, Our Redemption Draws Nigh...
I`ve Testified before The missouri Blue ribbon autism panel hearings,
Stand up and Written
They Took on 4 of my Recommendations, ( WEll not Just Mine of course )
Cept for this one *In Exact words*
To Reclassify Autism as a Biomedical condition and Treatable,
Not a Life Long Mental Condition
They Have Banned Thimerosal in shots
And a New Commission has been set up to address Recovery Efforts...
Member of VAp (More Later on them)
But also A Champ Mo # 34
& The National Autism Association Action Alert Teams, To spread the News
They Just Did The 9-9 09 campaign, Still AWaiting Rave Reviews LOL...
I`ve Been a Musician & Writer most of my Life, By Trade An Electrician
But Had to Quit my Job and The Band, When Jordan`s Affliction Began
Jordan Has Been in ABA Therapy since Age 3, School and Summer School Too.
She Can Do anything, and Rocks my Heart Daily...
We Just Procured Our Hyperbaric Chamber This Yr, And Was Going to set up
a Dan Protocol style Clinic At The Grace Clinic In Chillicothe, Mo.
But Can you Believe, A Warning in the Manual From the FDA It States
The FDa Has Clasified Oxygen as a Drug,
And Therefore Illegal to Use In This Chamber
So, If WE Use It it Puts us in Legal Danger.. OWH... & WOW...!!!
We Have Read Where you Need Help In Your Outreach
& I Know How UGRENT THIS IS...!!!
To Cut to The chase, We are Looking to Get Outta Dodge,
and Would Be Humbled If you Could Take Us On,
I`m ready to Sell everything I Have
and Pick up My Cross On This One, Promised...!!!
My Experiences as a Professional are as Follows,
Electrical & Plumbing~Const~Commercial, & Residental
Pole Barn, and General housing Construction
blueprints Reading, HVAC, Machine Operations Of Most all Various equipment,
I Like Farming, and we Need to get Back to Organics and commune farms;
also, Going to south Univ, Studying For a Bachler`s Degree in Health Science,
Computer and Networking Skills, Codes and Banners, Some Graphics,
But mainly Hard Work Pushing the buttons to reach Out and touch Someone.
LOts Of Contacts, and Great Friends, Who Will Help And Are as We Speak...!!!
My Circle of Friends Rock the Issues, Views, and News...
But Like Your Trouble With Being Censored, Hacked, Attacked, And maybe wacked;
Again More Later on that; But We Watch Our Back...
This is Spontanious as always, So, i`ll be back to Leave More Info
Contacts And Links,
I want To work closely with you as Long as We Can,
So Tell me of the Valley of The Moon Weather, Safety,
What is Panama Like Politically And in security...?
The Weather Really Stinks Around here, Even in the Country,

Here`s a Few Links, More on the Way

Yahoo and IM ~ zyra69@yahoo.com
~ http://www.myspace.com/zyra69
~ http://groups.myspace.com/OneWorldOneVoice
~ http://www.tagged.com/oneworlonevoice
~ My Skype Name is Scott V. Shirley & Under My E`mail Address
Home Phone 660 644 5144 hopefully subject to change Soon ~ Hint ~ Hint ~ LOL...
Cell # **** 660 424 0218

and Here`s to One Of My blogs ~
Call it My Evolution, Hope You`ll be Proud of me
It Explains Everything WE don`t Want to Know,
But we Truly can`t Live Much Longer without Knowing and Taking Action
Peacefully & Humbly; Yet Loudly and Proudly
and IN Defense, To The offense


Try clicking the Banners To visit Our Page and Group

Well,Write you Again soon, Til Then,
Lead Me to any Important Links, I`ll be there for them
All Appreciation to Your Wisdom and Tireless Dedication
For Everything You`ve done and do, Your One Of The Greatest,
May Greatness Continue...

Good Night From the Heartland
And Your Friends Behond The end
Scott & Jordan @ Zyra Salute You

This is Just Part of what WE do for You,
WE Always Support You, And thank You...!!!

Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan 12859311
Evidence of Swine Flu Bioterrorism
The first document is the evidence of the use of pandemic flu to depopulate the US.
The second document is for filing criminal charges against the people responsible.



PLz sign this petition.
To reach the misinformed masses.
Consider coordinating a FREE vaccine presentation in your area
Find the location & we~ll send the flyer for you to promote.
Call 800-939-8227 ~ God bless, April

VIC (Vaccine Injury Coalition) visit www.vacinfo.org or call 800-939-8227

To make a stand and stop this insane plan from reaching fruition,
please personalize & file a copy of the plea
for injunctive relief at your state..s U.S. District Courts

Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan 10202410

Hear The Earth, it..s Crying Out.
Can Nature Learn to survive.
We Need To learn what life..s about.
Before Our Planet DieS.
We Poison everything we touch,
Our Children & The Air They Breathe,
Can we ever Care to Much,
Turn around, What Do We Leave...
What Will We Leave to our Kids,
Will They Remember what We Did.
will They merely curse, Our name,
Look at the Earth, Who..s to Blame.
It..s Not To Late to Turn Around,
To Leave our Earth As It Was Found.
A Babies Birth, A Life Profound,
We All Walk On Sacred Ground. (C)
Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan 102_8410

One World ~ One Voice /// Mercury Awareness International
"Developmental Abilities, Imagine the Possibilites"
Fighting Affliction, With Healing...

Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan 35482410

Hello from the Heartland, From your Friends Scott & jordan 33500510

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