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Post  Carolyn on Thu Apr 29, 2010 4:05 pm

My name is Carolyn Price and I am a single retired lady from Montana in the USA.
I am a college graduate from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
and I got a BA in Sociology and History. I was married for a short time
after graduating but it was a mistake.
I did not follow up on the Sociology and
I made my living as a secretary mostly in San Francisco, California USA and have a little
experience with computers. I have worked in banking, engineering accounting, and I
really liked working in the field of Freight Forwarding. I worked for a Freight
Forwarding Company that shipped produce to the Orient and with a Japanese Freight Forwarding company that specialized in international shipping of personal effects. We
worked with planes, ships, trains and trucks. I had a variety of duties. I handled the paperwork and
when I took the papers to the docks for a ship to go there was a $50 fine if you had a mistake on
your paperwork. I never got a fine. I can drive a forklift.
I find Freight Forwarding very interesting work and I enjoy working with produce.

I seem to be a late bloomer as I found I am really interested in nutrition and
natural healing in the last few
years and try to follow what is going on.
What I know is self taught. And what I have learned has been very helpful in
taking care of myself without insurance. I am in the process of becoming
a vegetarian and working on a raw food diet.
I am also very interested in learning how to
garden and right now setting up to grow tomatoes on strings in a square food garden.
I grew some last year with cages and was successful. It is difficult
in Montana as our growing season is short and I do not have a greenhouse.
I am going to try and expand my efforts a little more this summer. We have
wind where I live and it gets cold at night so I am learning how to work with that.
The altitude here is similar to you I believe as I am at about 4700' so maybe
what I am working on will be useful to you.

I have been interested in NSF and your program in Panama
for some time but was concerned that being
retired might be a problem but I understand you have some seniors so maybe I
can contribute.
This is so wonderful to see what you are doing!!!


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