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Post  zyra69 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 10:49 am

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Date: 04/10/2009 5:49:26 PM
Subject: ALERT~Get Ready For Pharmageddon~ALERT

From Dr Carley

As you know, the Centers for Disease Creation is going to be unleashing the H1N1 pandemic this week via millions of LIVE viruses which will be sprayed up people's noses in the witch's brew named "Flumist".

Once millions are infected and very sick, the shot version will be unleashed, targeting pregnant women and young children.

One of my clients, whose husband owns a medical supply company, called me today to tell me that he received a call from a government agent informing him that it is ILLEGAL for him to sell any syringes or needles to be used for the H1N1 shot, as the government has chosen one company to supply them (obviously because the needle will be preloaded with the RFID chip).

It is for this reason, as well as the toxic adjuvants (especially squalene) which will be in the WHO FLU shot, that you need to JUST SAY NO when instructed to roll up your sleeve.

There is NO way I know of to neutralize the chip, nor to detox an adjuvant made of a substance found naturally in your body which will cause an epidemic of autoimmune disease.

Pharmageddon can only occur if you roll up your sleeve! In NYS, health care workers held a huge protest last week when they were told they would lose their jobs if they did not take the bioweapon vaccine.

We must all do the same!

The antidote to slavery and genocide is UNITY, people grow a backbone, stand up in large numbers and just say no or die. That is the choice, as I see it. I realize there are many fearmongers talking about FEMA camps and checkpoints but there are not enough camps in which to put the huge numbers of people who know what is going on. Quarantine is for sick people; not healthy people. And if you had the flu this summer, it had to be swine flu just tell the needlers you are already immune.

I am very grateful to Sheldon Day for putting recent archives of my RBN shows at LINK

You can listen for free, without commercials. Important shows I suggest you listen to if you missed them:

7/11/09 "Pandemic prevention team" - the 2 WHO Memos discussed by Patrick Jordan can be downloaded near the top of Dr Carley's Website.

8/22/09 was an important show for anyone with neurologically vaccine damaged children to hear; my client Stephanie who called into the show to talk about the extent of her son's healing with my protocol called me a week ago to tell me that his white coat has actually diagnosed him as "recovered from autism"

10/3/09 (yesterday) was a show with Patrick Jordan talking about witchcraft (he will send you a transcript of his presentation if you e-mail him at If you have not yet obtained a copy of his outstanding book "ICD 999: Vaccine Induced Diseases, the Chronic Serum Sickness Postulate" , which is now available in bound form, I highly suggest you order that book from him as well. After Patrick's presentation, Jane Burgermeister ( called in to give us an update about what is going on with the H1N1 vaccine in Europe. Jane continues to be attacked by multiple minions, who are taking off their masks to try to discredit her because of the importance of her work.

Please also check out the dots.html, an excellent site one of my listeners created which is especially good for young people, as she has links to many songs about the H1N1 flu scam (as well as a link to the interview of Jane Burgermeister on Project Camelot). I am amazed at how many people are stepping up to the plate to do something to get the word out! Another important contribution is being made by Phil Segrave, whose DVD "Masters of Terror" is the best I have seen due to the amount of information contained therein. Contact him at to get a copy so you can share it with everyone you know...he is working on getting it on the internet as well.

Many of your have requested that I let you know when I am going to be on other shows. Thus, here is a list of what is scheduled so far for the next week:

tonight (10/4) at 11 PM EST I will be interviewed on "The Conspiracy Show" out of Canada. It is carried over much of Northern US on 740 AM, or can be accessed at

Tuesday (10/6) at 10 PM EST I will be interviewed on www.blogtalkradio/proofnegative

Wednesday (10/7) at 3 PM EST I will be interviewed on www.blogtalkradio/speedhealing

Lastly, please check out, a UK news story about a girl damaged by the Cervarix vaccine who is now being threatened to be kidnapped by social services, as they are claiming her paralysis is due to "emotional abuse" of the Mom, rather than by the HPV jab. So now they can steal your kids if you don't vaccinate, or if you do and they have serious side effects! HOW FAR WILL HUMANITY ALLOW THE INSANITY TO GO? The Cervarix vaccine is even more dangerous than Gardasil; if you did not hear my show on Jamaica radio with a white coat promoting this toxin in that country, you can hear it at ;

I have posted on, which is being promoted by Glen Beck. Let's flood this Mom's site with requests that vaccine induced diseases be an important topic to be addressed.....perhaps one of you will even start an anti-..vaccination group on this site (as I just don't have the time). If any of you steps up to the plate on that, do let me know...

Getting ready for Pharmageddon,

Dr Carley

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